Vekeda Sports

At Vekeda, we fuel your passion for sports. We’re pushing players towards their personal best by giving you the tools to take every game to the next level.

For athletes looking to push themselves towards their personal best, Vekeda Sports offers innovative equipment with superior customer service.

VEKEDA 3 in 1 Shuttlecock

This unique patented design includes a standard cork base, feather tips and nylon mid-section. Lasting 2 to 2.5x longer than a standard feather shuttle, this shuttle offers cost savings with incredible results.

The power of training


Save time

Practice time is crucial and you can’t always relay on a partner to show up. Gain an advantage on the competition by being able to practice anytime.


Training efficiency

Training by yourself can sometimes be a challenge.The Vekeda Sports ball machine drastically improves the efficiency of each training session.


Stable performance

Gain a competitive advantage by running the perfect drill every time.

Advance you game

Basketball machine

Tired of wasting valuable time chasing rebounds? Our innovative machines return the ball directly to you anywhere on the court.

Badminton Trainer

Need to feed more athletes without adding coaches? Check out Vekeda Sports wide range of badminton feeding machines for every skill level.

Tennis Trainer

Need to find a partner who will always show up? Our tennis machines are dependable and are always there for you to help advance your game.

Vekeda Sports

Motivated by the power of sport, we’ve used our coaching expertise to source a wide range of innovative sports equipment to bring out the best in you and your team. Choose when you train and how you train with customizable settings designed to increase reaction time and help you train like a pro.

Our Products Has Been Tested

The shipping to Canada took one week and faster than my expectation. The first feeling about the product is high quality and easy to use. Still playing with it and confident about the quality and service. Highly recommend product.
Korey Torres
Overall I'm very satisfied with my first time overseas shopping experience. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the supplier assistant for after sales service on how to operate the machine. Even now I have some questions to her later on how to program the shooting pattern on the remote control. I'm very confident she will responds promptly and giving attention to every details. Keep up the excellent service!
Terry Dennis
Affordable price and practical. Do most things needed for typical training.Product as pictured. Works well as shown in video. Easy to assemble. Communication was smooth. Shipping was fast with tracking. Thank you.
Katy Gilmore