VEKEDA Tennis Stringing Machine

Model Number: S3169


Easy switch the tennis racket and badminton racquet.

PRECISION TENSION: Precision tension control of 10 – 90lb (4.5 – 40.9kg) with 360-degree turntable rotation base.

ELECTRONIC FUNCTION:Store memory function to set 4 groups of weighing, 3 adjustable pull speeds from slow to fast, 4 levels of pre-stretch, Knot function increases tension on Tie-Off pulls, Convenient timer function.

With TOOLS TRAY & full set of stringings tools: 3 hex wrenches, Starting clamp, Awl, Wirecutter, Pliers, Charger, String hook, (Fuse).



VEKEDA Tennis Stringing Machine

Tennis racket stringing machine for badminton and tennis racket
Dimension: 47 x 100 x110 cm
Weight: 39 KGS
Voltage: 100 – 240V
Power: 35W
KGS/LBS conversion
Self checking
Knot function
Pull/release string function
Storage pounds, time function
Sounds, speed are adjustable

LCD interface with English language.
Automatic clamp base system
Micro-computer controlled pounds self correction in 0.1 LB increments
Constant pull tensioning system
Power-on self-checking system
4sets of pounds memory function
Stringing times memory
Pre-stretch,speed and sound are adjustable
Knot with auto increasing pounds and back function
USB connector with computer for upgrading and data analysing
KG /LB conversion function
Octagonal work plate with synchronous racket clipping system.

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Weight110 kg
Dimensions154 × 93 × 110 cm
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