VEKEDA Best Basketball Return Machine



With LED Screen to record your performance. Point rate, shooting number, Score number.

IOS/Android phone, tablet support.

Remote control.

10-30 meter distance shooting region.

Speed, frequency adjustable.

180° angle adjustable

Function:Fixed spots,2/3/5/7 spots feeding, spin ball, throw ball, random ball



VEKEDA Best Basketball Return Machine

The basketball return machine, also known as the basketball ball return machine, offers several advantages and benefits:

Enhanced Efficiency: These machines quickly return the basketball to the player, saving time and allowing for more focused practice. Players can engage in continuous shooting without the need to retrieve the ball, maximizing training efficiency.

Repetitive Practice: The ball return machine enables players to practice shooting repeatedly, which is essential for muscle memory and skill development. Repetition helps improve shooting accuracy and consistency.

Precision: These machines are designed to accurately return the basketball to the shooter’s desired location, helping players refine their shooting technique and aiming skills.

Independent Training: Players can practice independently without relying on others to pass the ball. This autonomy allows them to tailor their training sessions to their specific needs and preferences.

Incorporating Bounce Practice: Some ball return machines offer angle adjustments, enabling players to practice shooting at different angles, including more challenging bounce shots.

Time and Energy Saving: Traditional training methods involve constantly chasing after the ball, which can be tiring and time-consuming. The ball return machine saves players’ energy and time, enabling them to focus on actual shooting practice. Suitable for All Skill Levels: Whether beginners or professional players, the ball return machine caters to various skill levels, providing valuable training opportunities for players of all abilities.

Portability: Many ball return machines are designed to be portable, making them easy to move and set up in different training locations.

In summary, the basketball return machine or basketball ball return machine is a valuable tool for improving basketball skills. Its efficiency, precision, and ability to facilitate repetitive practice make it a crucial asset in basketball training facilities and individual practice sessions.

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Additional information

Weight173 kg
Dimensions93 × 185 × 70 cm
Product Size

166*237*352cm, 87*66*173cm(open the net)







Ball Size



Fixed spots,2/3/5/7 spots feeding, spin ball, throw ball, random ball