VEKEDA Best Basketball Rebounding Machine For Sale

Model: K2101

Remote control, fast choose the preloaded fixed, 2, 3,5,7 spots mode to make drills.

Custom spots, speed, frequency, angle, height to training your shooting skills. Improve your posture efficiently. Advance your game!

Warranty: 2 years



VEKEDA Best Basketball Rebounding Machine For Sale

Basketball rebounder machine, also known as a basketball rebound machine or a basketball rebounding machine, is a device designed to help basketball players improve their shooting and rebounding skills by simulating real-game scenarios for ball retrieval. This machine is particularly useful for solo practice, as it eliminates the need for a training partner to pass or rebound the ball.

Benefits of using a basketball rebounder machine:

Solo Practice: Players can practice shooting and rebounding skills on their own, making it convenient for individual training sessions.

Repetition: The machine allows for repetitive shooting and rebounding, helping players refine their technique and muscle memory.

Versatility: Players can work on a variety of shots and rebounds, catering to different aspects of their game.

Time Efficiency: With the ball return system, players can maximize their practice time without wasting time on ball retrieval. Real-Game Simulation: The rebounder machine replicates real-game scenarios, helping players improve their timing and decision-making under the hoop.

Here’s how a typical basketball rebounder machine works:

Rebounding Surface: The machine consists of a rebounding surface, usually made of a durable material that mimics the bounce of a basketball off the backboard or rim.

Adjustable Angle: The rebounding surface can often be adjusted to different angles, allowing players to practice various shots, such as layups, bank shots, and jump shots.

Ball Return System: After shooting the ball, the machine collects and channels the ball back to the shooter. This enables continuous shooting without having to retrieve the ball manually.

Rebounding Drills: Some machines may come with pre-programmed rebounding drills or interactive features that challenge players to improve their timing and accuracy.

Portability: Many basketball rebounder machines are designed to be portable and easy to set up, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Weight236 kg
Dimensions92 × 69 × 184 cm
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87*66*173cm. 166*267*362cm.(Open the net)



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Custom avaliable, suitable to US, EU, UK, Africa.


2 years