VEKEDA Badminton Shuttlecock 3 in 1

Getting annoyed with how quickly you’re going through shuttles? Try our new shuttlecocks 3 in 1 which last up to 2.5x longer!

This unique patented design includes a standard cork base, feather tips and nylon mid-section. Lasting 2 to 2.5x longer than a standard feather shuttle, this shuttle offers cost savings with incredible results.

1 tube = 1 dozen = 12 piece shuttlecock



VEKEDA Badminton Shuttlecock 3 in 1

VEKEDA Shuttlecock 3 in 1 offers replaceable feathers for increased longevity and performance. To be the best you need to use the best.

[Pack of 12] – Come with 12 badminton birdies in a professional hard protective box, the 12-piece set will meet your long-term use needs.

[High-quality Materials] – High-quality composite cork and carefully selected goose feathers are used to make the badminton shuttlecocks more stable when flying. The fine craftsmanship ensures that the quality of every badminton birdie is the same.

[High-performance head]- The sturdy feather rod can ensure durability and withstand repeated impacts, while the complex cork head can make the shuttlecock more bounce and stable flight.

[Great Quality] – Vekeda Sports badminton bird is precision manufactured to ensure the correct speed and distance. 77-speed high-speed badminton.

[Suitable for competition ] – Vekeda Sports badminton are the preferred for blubs and city tournament,also good for high level players who performance well.


Buy 1 carton   = 50 tubes by this link. Badminton shuttlecock 3 in 1:

Material: Artificial composite cork + grade 1 duck feather + modified nylon feather rack;

Packing: 12pcs/dozen,

Packing: 50 dozen/carton

Speed: AB 74,75,76,77,78,79

Product Name
Class A Duck shuttlecock, Goose Broad Feather (Round Feather)
Duck Feather, PU cork,  Composite Cork
Natural white
Stable, durable

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Weight0.9 kg
Dimensions45 × 10 × 10 cm

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