VEKEDA Badminton Racket Stringing Machine

Model: S2169

Store memory function can set 4 groups of weighing, 3 adjustable pull speeds from slow to fast, 4 levels of pre-stretch, Knot function increases tension on Tie-Off pulls, Convenient timer function.

Control panel with advanced stringing functions and programming, Precision tension control of 10 – 90lb (4.5 – 40.9kg) with 360-degree turntable rotation base.

C-Clamp to prevent the badminton racket from deformation, automatic clamp base to string more convenient and saving time, and come with sturdy height stand.



VEKEDA Badminton Racket Stringing Machine,VEKEDA Badminton Stringing Machine

Dimension: 47 x 96 x110 cm
Weight: 39 KGS
Voltage: 100 – 240V
Power: 35W
KGS/LBS conversion
Self checking
Knot function
Pull/release string function
Storage pounds, time function
Sounds, speed are adjustable

LCD interface with English language.
Automatic clamp base system
Micro-computer controlled pounds self correction in 0.1 LB increments
Constant pull tensioning system
Power-on self-checking system
4sets of pounds memory function
Stringing times memory
Pre-stretch,speed and sound are adjustable
Knot with auto increasing pounds and back function
USB connector with computer for upgrading and data analysing
KG /LB conversion function

Octagonal work plate with synchronous racket clipping system.

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Weight110 kg
Dimensions154 × 93 × 110 cm
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2 years