Best Cheap Toca Soccer Ball Machine For Sale


Ball capacity: 15 soccers

Ball size: 4#, 5# ( Easy switch button)

Power: 360W

Voltage: 100 – 240V

Frequency: 3.8 – 8S/ ball

Dimension: 93 x 72 x 129 cm

Weight: 102 KGS

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Best Cheap Toca Soccer Ball Machine For Sale

Remote control( 30 meter distance)
Fixed spots
Header, grounder
Up/down spin the soccer
Random shot
S balls
Shoot angle adjustable
Self-programming shoot spot
Penalty fixed spots and swing shot
Vertical shot
Horizontal shot
Two/ three line ball
Near-far and cross line balls
Soccer ball machine or football throwing machine is a device used to launch soccer balls or footballs automatically. VEKEDA Soccer Ball Machines are designed to help players improve their shooting, passing, and goalkeeping skills by providing consistent and repetitive ball delivery. They are often used in training sessions for individual players, teams, and even in professional clubs. VEKEDA Soccer Ball Machines come in various designs and capabilities, but their main function is to propel the ball with accuracy and at different speeds.
The features and characteristics of soccer ball machines include:
Ball Speed and Distance Control: The machine allows users to adjust the speed and distance of the ball’s trajectory. This feature helps players practice handling balls of varying speeds, replicating different match scenarios.
Ball Placement: Machines can be adjusted to throw balls at different heights and angles, enabling players to practice receiving passes, headers, and volleys.
Multiple Ball Feeding: Machines can hold 15PCS multiple balls at once, providing continuous delivery of balls for efficient training sessions.
Power Source: Machines can be powered by electricity or batteries, making them versatile for use in various settings, both indoors and outdoors.
Remote Control: Machine come with remote controls, allowing coaches or players to operate the machine from a distance and easily change settings during training sessions.
Rebounders: Machines also have rebounder attachments, which enable players to practice receiving passes or shooting against a bouncing ball.
It’s important to note that while soccer ball machines can be valuable tools for training and skill development, they should not replace actual practice with teammates, coaches, and in-game situations. These machines work best when used in combination with regular team training and tactical sessions.
Before purchasing a soccer ball machine, it’s essential to consider your specific training needs, budget, and the available features to find the most suitable model for your requirements. Additionally, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines when using the machine to prevent injuries and ensure its longevity.
Wear-resisting wheels

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Weight230 kg
Dimensions107 × 78 × 137 cm
Product Size


Product Weight





2 years


3.8 – 8S/ ball


10-30 meter